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What are the benefits of using CarWise rather than buying my car at a dealership?

CarWise handles the entire car buying and leasing process from beginning to end to ensure you are getting a great overall deal. We’ll go the extra mile to research, locate your car, negotiate a great deal, and deliver it straight to your doorstep, saving you time and money. You’ll never have to step foot in a dealership and experience sales pressure again.

How much does CarWise charge for their services?

CarWise doesn’t charge you a fee for our service. Yes, you read that right. We are licensed and bonded through the California DMV. Acting as your car broker, CarWise makes money by earning a flat fee or commission from the different dealerships we work with.

Who provides financing for my vehicle?

Financing can come from a variety a different banks or credit unions. CarWise will help you explore every financing option to ensure you are getting the very best interest rate that’s available for your credit. Whether its obtaining financing through the dealership or obtaining it through your own bank or credit union, we’ll advice you on your best option.

Can I arrange financing through my own bank or credit union?

Absolutely. We welcome any financing option that works best for you. 

How do I get my vehicle?

CarWise will deliver your new car straight to your doorstep, explain the most important parts of the paperwork, and introduce you to all the amazing features your car has.

When do I sign my paperwork?

You will be required to sign all paperwork when the car is delivered to you.

Am I buying my car from CarWise or from a dealership?

You are buying your car from one of the many different dealerships we work with. Acting as your licensed broker, CarWise is here to obtain and facilitate the entire deal for you.  

Will my car come with the same manufacturer warranty I would get from a dealership?

Yes. All the cars that CarWise obtains come with the very same manufacturer warranty you would get from a dealership.

Does CarWise work with trade ins?

Yes. CarWise can help with your trade in to make sure you are getting the most money for it. 

Does CarWise offer both new and used cars?

We only offer our services for new cars. More often than not, we can get you a better deal on a new car than what you would be able to get on a used car.

How does CarWise get such great deals?

CarWise has years of negotiating experience, industry knowledge, and dealership connections. Whereas the average consumer buys a car once every 4 years, CarWise helps consumers buy cars every day. We use all of this knowledge to obtain great deals for our customers.